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Shoe Lifts for Increasing Your Height Naturally

Have you ever wanted to find the best way to raise your height with the least amount of time, money, and effort? Well here are a few simple ways to make yourself taller. Some people believe that height is genetic, and once you stop growing you’re stuck at that height forever, but that isn’t true at all.

There are some very simple ways to make yourself taller, though some may not work. For example, a very simple process called Hanging. Hanging is where you simply hang from a high place for a long period of time to stretch your back and spine out. You generally do it on something like monkey bars or a pull-up bar.

Though some people that don’t have the endurance for that, meaning it isn’t the best way. So after that, some people may try yoga. Some yoga positions are said to make your spine stretch, like the python, which makes you taller. What makes this non-feasible is that if you have problems with joins or bones then some of the positions may cause large amounts of pain or are just simply not possible to you, so that won’t be great for all audiences, meaning that isn’t the best way to raise your height either.

After that, you might want to try some non-active ways to get your height up. A way you can do this is with supplements. In retrospect there doesn’t seem like a down side to these, but of course there is. Most of these supplements can come at a pretty penny and depending on where you live may take a while to travel to you each time you need a restock, and it doesn’t come at a very cheap price either, these can range from $30 all the way up to over $100. So in that case, supplements can’t be the best way either.

Another way of consuming things to make you grow taller is calcium, more specifically milk. Calcium is said to make your bones bigger, which in theory should make you bigger and also taller. This of course comes with some downsides like drinking too much milk can cause severe stomach aches, a random constant tiredness, and sometimes you bone weight even decreases, yes they get bigger but they also lose weight. So again, this wont be the best for height boosting.

The next way I found is not with a consumable, but its actually with shoes that make you taller by putting a physical extra shoe height increaser in the soles of your shoes, more commonly known as height boosting insoles like these. They don’t need activity to make you taller, they’re reasonably affordable, and they even make your shoes more comfortable, depending on the seller and if you chose half or full size shoe lifts. I found out that half insoles are better in almost every way.

The best ones of the half insoles I found these great height increasing insoles, they are super comfortable and easy to slip in your shoes, and with it’s very cheap price tag you can’t beat it. Not to mention how these are some of the most breathable and versatile shoe lifts you can buy! You can put them in almost any type of shoe whether it be your casual every day sneakers you wear or something like your favorite pair of boots, heel lifts have you covered.

These are all great points but there are some very minor cons, like they don’t fit in every single type of shoe which means they aren’t useful everywhere. Another con with heel raise insoles is that the price can be a little rough when comparing to competitors, with them coming in at $13 a pair or $7.50 per shoe lift, some competitors are priced under $10. Though those are generally a lot lower quality and not a versatile, hence their price difference between those products vying to be the best lifting shoes available. There are may options these days for height increasing shoes for men or lifting shoes women. So shopping around for shoe inserts for height is your best bet.

In conclusion, it’s safe to say height insoles or heel lift inserts take the cake for best way to raise your height for as little effort as possible, they are just a great product all around. I recommend trying heel lifts for shoes or a height booster insole to gain some height. I hope you find this information helpful next time you need a quick and affordable way to get a few extra inches on your height.


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